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Saturday, 30 August 2008

R&J take two

After seeing Casar and Cleopatra and noting with some glee that Nikki M. James' had found a voice strong enough to last against Christopher Plummer (see review next week), I decided to go back to see Romeo and Juliet again. Unfortunately, strangely, you still can't hear her as Juliet. It may be that she just doesn't have the rhythm of the Bard down pat yet, and it can take years to get that right. But I'm afraid the show hasn't improved with age overall - Peter Donaldson still commands the stage as Friar Lawrence, Gordon S. Miller elicits great sympathy as Benvolio and Lucy Peacock is a wonderful prattling nurse. John Vickery's performance as Capulet did capture more of my attention on my second viewing, but overall, meh. I'm going to blame the director, since it's obvious that the cast members (Evan Buliung and Gareth Potter in particular) are capable of more oomph. Many of them are lost on that gargantuan, noisy set. In a season where shows like Hamlet and Cabaret leave the heart soaring, the tragedy of these young lovers has remained bogged down.

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