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Monday, 19 October 2009

Casting released by Festival

The Stratford Shakespeare Festival announced some key casting in a press release last week (sorry for the delay - I was on vacation). So who is back?

In no particular order, these faces will be seen on our stages again next year: Bruce Dow, James Blendick (right), Sarah Topham, Lucy Peacock, Seana McKenna, Tom McCamus, Dion Johnstone, Yanna McIntosh, Ben Carlson, Michael Therriault, Juan Chioan, Trish Lindstrom and a whole host of other favorites. Not all the roles have been announced yet, but here's who you can see in what (so far)...

Joining Christopher Plummer in The Tempest is Nikki M. James (Ariel), Trish Lindstrom (Miranda), Bruce Dow (Trinculo), Dion Johnstone (Caliban), John Vickery (Antonio), Geraint Wyn Davies (Stephano), Gareth Potter (Ferdinand), Peter Hutt (Alonso), Timothy D. Stickney (Sebastian) and James Blendick (right) as Gonzalo.

Brent Carver will be joined in As You Like It by Ben Carlson (Touchstone), Andrea Runge (Rosalind), Lucy Peacock (Audrey), Cara Rickets (Celia), Tom Rooney (both Duke Frederick and Duke Senior).

As previosly announced in the Toronto Star, Kiss Me, Kate will feature Juan Chioran and Monica Lund as the leads, joined by Chilina Kennedy as Lois Lane.

However, contrary to previous rumours, it will be Chilina Kennedy playing the lead in Evita, with Juan Chioran as Juan Peron. Vince Staltari joins the cast as Magaldi.

Dangerous Liasons will feature Seana McKenna as La Marquise de Merteuil, opposite Tom McCamus as Le Vicomte de Valmont. Joining them are Sarah Topham (La Presidente de Tourvel), Bethany Jillard (Cecile Volanges), Yanna McIntosh (Mme de Volanges) (right) and Martha Henry (Mme de Rosemonde).

Back at the Festival for the first time since 2005 is Michael Therriault (left), taking the lead in Peter Pan, opposite Tom McCamus as Captain Hook. Rounding out the cast are Paul Dunn (John) and Sarah Topham (Wendy).

The Winter's Tale will feature Ben Carlson as Leontes and Yanna McIntosh as Hermione, with Seana McKenna (Paulina), Cara Ricketts (Perdita), and Tom Rooney (Autolycus).

Mike Nadajewski is joining Brent Carver in Jacques Brel is Alive and Well and Living in Paris.

Lucy Peacock and Tom Rooney will play Nana nad the Narrator in Tremblay's For the Pleasure of Seeing Her Again.

Over at the Studio Theatre, The Two Gentlemen of Verona will be played by Dion Johnstone and Gareth Potter. Other roles will be filled by Nikki M. James (Julia), Claire Lautier (Silvia), Bruce Dow (Speed) and Robert Persichini (Launce).

Evan Buliung (left) returns to play Mac in George F. Walker's King of Thieves, with Laura Condlln playing Polly. Jennifer Tarver directs.

As previously announced, Geraint Wyn Davies will also be at the Studio, presenting Do Not Go Gentle.

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