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Thursday, 7 October 2010

Stratford Festival 2011 Season Casting in a Nutshell

The Merry Wives of Windsor  Festival Theatre
Directed by Frank Galati
Geraint Wyn Davies - Falstaff
Tom Rooney - Ford
Lucy Peacock - Mistress Ford
Janet Wright - Mistress Quickly
Tom McCaums - Page
Andrea Ruge - Anne Page
Laura Condlln - Mistress Page
Nigel Bennett - Dr. Caius
Andrew Gillies - Sir Hugh Evans

Richard III Tom Patterson Theatre
Directed by Miles Potter
Seana McKenna - Richard III
Martha Henry - Margaret
Peter Donaldson - Buckingham
Yanna McIntosh - Queen Elizabeth
Bethany Jillard - Lady Anne
Sean Arbuckle - Catesby
Nigel Bennett - Hastings
Andrew Gillies - Stanley

Titus Andronicus Tom Patterson Theatre
Director: Darko Tresnjak
John Vickery - Titus Andronicus
Peter Donaldson - Marcus Andronicus
Amanda Lisman - Lavinia
Claire Lautier - Tamora
Sean Arbuckle - Saturninus
Dion Johnstone - Aaron

Twelfth Night Festival Theatre
Director Des McAnuff
Brian Dennehy - Sir Toby Belch
Stephen Ouimette - Sir Andrew Aguecheek
Ben Carlson - Feste
Tom Rooney - Malvolio
Sara Topham - Olivia
Mike Shara - Orsino
Andrea Runge - Viola
Cara Ricketts - Maria

Shakepeare's Will Studio Theatre
Director - Miles Potter
Seana McKenna - Anne Hathaway

Camelot  Avon Theatre
Director - Gary Griffin
Geraint Wyn Davies - King Arthur
Brent Carver - Merlyn / Pellinore
Lucy Peacock - Morgan Le Fey

Jesus Christ, Superstar Avon Theatre
Director - Des McAnuff
Paul Nolan - Jesus
Chilina Kennedy - Mary Magdalene
Brent Carver - Pontius Pilot
Josh Young - Judas
Bruce Dow - Herod
Mike Nadajewski - Peter
Marcus Nance - Caiaphus
Lee Siegel - Simon
Aaron Walpole - Annas

Hosanna Studio Theatre
Director - Weyni Mengesha
Gareth Potter - Hosanna
Oliver Becker - Cuirette

The Little Years Studio Theatre
Director - Chris Abraham
Yanna McIntosh - Grace
Irene Poole - Kate
Chick Reid - Alice
Bethany Jillard - Tanya / Young Kate

The Grapes of Wrath Avon Theatre
Director - Antoni Cimolino
Chilina Kenndy - Rose of Sharon
Janet Wright - Ma
Victor Ertmanis - Pa
Randy Hughson - Uncle John
Chick Reid - Granma
Evan Buliung - Tom Joad
Paul Nolan - Al

The Homecoming Avon Theatre
Director - Jennifer Tarver
Brian Dennehy - Max
Stephen Ouimette - Sam
Mike Shara - Teddy
Ian Lake - Joey
Cara Ricketts - Ruth

The Misanthrope Festival Theatre
Director - Brian Bedford
Brian Bedford - Oronte
Ben Carlson - Alceste
Juan Chioran - Philinte
Sara Topham - Celimene
Steve Ross - Clitandre
Kelli Fox - Arsinoe

Festival Theatre:
The Misanthrope
Twelfth Night
The Merry Wives of Windsor

Avon Theatre:
Jesus Christ Superstar
The Homecoming
The Grapes of Wrath

Tom Patterson Theatre:
Richard III
Titus Andronicus

Studio Theatre:
Shakespeare's Will
The Little Years


  1. Are there really 2 Violas, or is Cara Ricketts playing a different part in Twelfth Night?

  2. My late-night mistake - Cara Ricketts is playing Maria, Andrea Runge is playing Viola!


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