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Monday, 14 November 2011

Casting confirmed for Jesus Christ Superstar at La Jolla Playhouse

[Press Release] 
November 12, 2011… Casting has been confirmed for the Stratford Shakespeare Festival’s production of Jesus Christ Superstar at La Jolla Playhouse. With lyrics by Tim Rice and music by Andrew Lloyd Webber, Jesus Christ Superstar is directed by Artistic Director Des McAnuff and will run in the Playhouse’s Mandell Weiss Theatre from November 18 to December 31, 2011.

The cast will feature Bruce Dow as King Herod, Chilina Kennedy as Mary Magdalene, Jeremy Kushnier as Pontius Pilate, Mike Nadajewski as Peter, Paul Nolan as Jesus and Josh Young as Judas, with Marcus Nance as Caiaphas, Lee Siegel as Simon Zealotes and Aaron Walpole as Annas.
Also in the cast: Matt Alfano as Thaddeus, Mary Antonini as Elizabeth, Karen Burthwright as Ruth, Jacqueline Burtney as Mary (Martha’s Sister), Mark Cassius as Matthew, Ryan Gifford as Bartholomew, Kaylee Harwood as Sarah, Melissa O’Neil as Martha/Maid by the Fire, Laurin Padolina as Rachel, Stephen Patterson as James the Lesser, Katrina Reynolds as Esther, Jaz Sealey as Thomas, Jason Sermonia as John, Julius Sermonia as James, Jonathan Winsby as Phillip, Sandy Winsby as Andrew and Jennifer Rider-Shaw and Matthew Rossoff as swings.
This ground-breaking rock opera, which reinvented musical theatre for the modern age, tells the story of the last week of Christ’s life. The zeal with which Christ’s followers are hailing him as the Son of God becomes a source of dismay to his disciple Judas Iscariot. Fearing that this tide of religious fervor will provoke brutal repression by the occupying Romans, Judas must make his fateful choice between faith and betrayal.
The Stratford production, which closed on November 6, received glowing reviews across the board. The Globe and Mail said, “This production is an absolute miracle,” while the Toronto Star called it “the best show you’ll see this year.” “A sparkling production literally pulsing with life,” wrote the Toronto Sun; and Variety enthused, “McAnuff has managed to come up with a vision that is faithful to the original but manages to make it seem fresh to an audience in 2011.”
Following the Playhouse run, Jesus Christ Superstar will open on Broadway at the Neil Simon Theatre on Thursday, March 22, 2012, with previews beginning March 1.
Tickets are available online at or at (858) 550-1010. 
 Cast (in alphabetical order)
Thaddeus                                 Matt Alfano
Elizabeth                                 Mary Antonini
Ruth                                         Karen Burthwright
Mary (Martha’s sister)            Jacqueline Burtney
Matthew/Priest                        Mark Cassius
King Herod                             Bruce Dow
Bartholomew                           Ryan Gifford
Sarah                                       Kaylee Harwood
Mary Magdalene                     Chilina Kennedy
Pontius Pilate                          Jeremy Kushnier
Peter                                        Mike Nadajewski
Caiaphas                                 Marcus Nance
Jesus Christ                             Paul Nolan
Martha/Maid by the Fire         Melissa O’Neil
Rachel                                     Laurin Padolina
James the Lesser/Priest           Stephen Patterson
Esther                                      Katrina Reynolds
Thomas                                   Jaz Sealey
John                                        Jason Sermonia
James                                      Julius Sermonia
Simon Zealotes                        Lee Siegel
Annas                                      Aaron Walpole
Phillip                                      Jonathan Winsby
Andrew/Priest                         Sandy Winsby
Judas Iscariot                          Josh Young
Swings                                     Jennifer Rider-Shaw, Matthew Rossoff

Artistic Credits
Director:                                              Des McAnuff
Choreographer:                                Lisa Shriver
Musical Director:                              Rick Fox
Set Designer:                                    Robert Brill
Costume Designer:                         Paul Tazewell
Lighting Designer:                            Howell Binkley
Video Designer:                                Sean Nieuwenhuis
Sound Designer:                               Jim Neil
Associate Choreographer:           Bradley “Shooz” Rapier
Associate Musical Director:          Laura Burton
Dramaturg:                                         Chad Sylvain
Fight Director:                                   Daniel Levinson
Stunt Coordinator:                         Simon Fon
Casting Director:                               Beth Russell
Technical Director:                           Elissa Horscroft
La Jolla Playhouse
Production Manager:                     Linda S. Cooper
La Jolla Playhouse
Associate Producer:                        Dana I. Harrel
Associate Lighting Designer:        Tristan Tidswell
Associate Sound Designer:          Jesse Ash
Assistant Director:                           Lezlie Wade
Assistant Choreographer:            Marc Kimelman
Assistant Set Designer:                 Brandon Kleiman
Assistant Costume Designer:      Laura Gardner
Assistant Lighting Designer:         Kaileigh Krysztofiak
Assistant Fight Director:                Kevin Robinson
Dance Captain:                                  Matthew Rossoff
Fight Captain:                                    Julius Sermonia
Stage Manager:                                Brian Scott
Assistant Stage Managers:           Meghan Callan, Melissa Rood


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