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Friday, 22 May 2015

One to Watch: Good Tickle Brain

With Opening Night (Tra-LAAA!) just around the corner, I'd like to use this chance to give a shout-out to a blog I've been following for some time - one that almost entirely dedicates itself to Shakespeare and theatre, with the occasional foray into my other world, Library Land. This would be enough to keep me enamoured of this blog, but it also happens to be wildly funny - especially if any of those three topics are high on your priority list. Which for me, they are.

Good Tickle Brain is the creation of Mya Gosling, and her knack for highlighting the arcane and finding the funny in any Shakespeare play (yes, even the Scottish one) is a talent to be envied. Oh, did I mention that she does this in the form of a comic-strip? I submit exhibit A (with her permission):

This week Good Tickle Brain highlights all things Stratford, as the Festival gets ready to open this Monday night.  Mya has done an excellent job of taking each play and summarizing them in 3-panels, in a sort of Cliffs-version-of-Coles's-Notes way, so even those perplexed by Pericles will get the gist. 

This blog already has quite a following with Stratford Festival afficianados, and I encourage anyone with similar tastes and a funny-bone to follow along. (For an extra treat, check out her quite extrordinary Hamlet-Sound of Music Mash-up. I kid you not.)

Happy openings, all!

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